*in reverse chronological order

Ungesungene Lieder II für fünf Instrumentalist:innen (2022)
for Tenor saxophone, Contra bassoon, Violoncello, Harp and Piano

Der Mann spannt den Schirm auf
und pfeift sein gutgelauntes Lied.
– anlässlich Manos 65. Geburtstags, nach seinem Gedicht
for 1 Performer with upright piano

五 (Fünf) für fünf Instrumentalist:innen (2022)
for Alt flute, Clarinet, Soprano saxophone, Viola and Contrabass

Lied der Pflücker (2022)
for orchestra

Ein ungesungenes Lied (2022)

Ungesungene Lieder I für vier Instrumentalist:innen (2022)
for Bass flute, Contrabass clarinet, Viola and Violoncello

Live stream of world premiere on April 28, 2022 at HfMT Hamburg with Ensemble KNM Berlin

im Kreis, um uns (2020/21)
for baritone, tenor saxophone and accordion

World premiere on November 1, 2021 at Kapelle »Madonna in den Trümmern« in KOLUMBA Kunstmuseum, Köln

nicht zu betreten (2021)
for Oboe, Tenor saxophone, Violoncello, Accordion, 4 Performers and Lights

Klänge, die den modernen Körper herstellen (2021)
for 13 performers and trombone

Schönheit der Natur, Kampfjet (2019)
for three performers

Tiere lachen, jammern und spielen -けものたち、わらい、哭き、あそぶ (2019)
for orchestra

阿留辺幾夜宇和 (Arubekiyouwa -As it should be) -あるべきようわ (2019)
for bass clarinet / for bass clarinet and alto saxophone (arr. 2019)

Ah, Hiroshima […] That we may say “Hiroshima”, and hear in reply, gently, “Ah, Hiroshima”, we first must wash the blood off our own hands. / Sadako Kurihara (1913-2005)  (2018)
for 9 performers and piano

Japan premiere on August 16, 2019 at ACOUSTICLUB, Tokyo

Asakiyumemishi (Iroha-Uta) -浅き夢見し (いろはうた) (2018)
for soprano and horn / for soprano and bass clarinet (arr. 2019)

Drei Lieder basierend auf Gedichte von Naoko Kudō -工藤直子の詩による三つのうた (2017)
for voice and piano

The neighborhood (2016)
for Violoncello and piano

Three Falsehoods and One Truth -三つの嘘とひとつのまこと (2016, rev. 2017)
for four flutes and piano

The fish swimming on land -陸を泳ぐ魚 (2015)
for accordion
published by Verlag Edition Avantus (2019)

Songs poetry by Kōzo Takeuchi -竹内浩三の詩による楽書き歌曲 (2015)
for soprano, oboe, cello and harp / for soprano, clarinet and piano (arr. 2015)

Niemand hört mir zu, ich höre niemandem zu -誰も私の話をきかない、私は誰の話もきかない (2014, rev. 2018)
for orchestra

Blooms forever -いつまでも咲きつづける (2013)
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin and piano

The morning sun is glowing on the folded hands -組まれた手に朝陽は映え (2013)
for two horns, trumpet, trombone and tuba

I am glad to be born as I am, I feel -ぼくはぼくでよかった、と思う (2013)
for horn and cello
Chosen as the required repertoire of the 39th PTNA Piano Competition

Inochi ni yosete (Hommage à la vie) -いのちによせて (2012)
for piano
published by edition KAWAI (2015)